The Money MBA Podcast welcomes Mike Green of Logica Funds.

In the finance world, Mike needs no introduction, thus attempting to do so in brevity here would do him no service.

As I suggest in the introduction to this interview, after enjoying our conversation I encourage everyone to go down the Mike Green rabbit hole.

There is a tremendous amount of available content highlighting his intellect and ability to articulate it, so without further delay lets get you started right here and now…


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Originally recorded December 21, 2020



Guest Name:
Michael Green


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Logica Funds


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Twitter: @ProfPlum99



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Jon Kutsmeda


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Jon Kutsmeda .com

Best Mortgage Rate .com

Money MBA Podcast


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Twitter: @JonKutsmeda

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  • COMING SOON – Who is Michael Green?


2 thoughts on “16. Ep. #11: Mike Green – The Money MBA Podcast”

  1. Hi, great interview but really no help to the person who understands that passive investment description by Michael Green. So while ai agree with all said I still can’t get proper management to actively manage my investments because I can’t get in the door without the high entrance fee. So the biggest question in the room is now what does a person who has less than 1 million $ do?? Do it on their own while working 60 hrs a week and a family?? The conversation provided insight but really nothing to act on.

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