The Money MBA Podcast welcomes Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman, of Praetorian Capital to the show.

Kuppy has a knack for breaking broader macro ideas into simple “back of the napkin” trading strategies.

In this interview, Kuppy walks us through his investing process and shares how he still manages to find “multi-baggers” in a world where the narrative suggests “value investing is dead”.

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Originally recorded January 13, 2021


Guest Name:
Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman

Professional Experience:
Adventures in Capitalism

Praetorian Capital

Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor

Social Media:
Twitter: @hkuppy


Host Name:
Jon Kutsmeda

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Jon Kutsmeda .com

Best Mortgage Rate .com

Money MBA Podcast

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Twitter: @JonKutsmeda

Instagram: @JonKutsmeda

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  • COMING SOON – Who is Kuppy?

2 thoughts on “17. Ep. #12: Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman – The Money MBA Podcast”

  1. Fantastic interview. Of course, given that I agree completely with pretty much everything Kuppy had to say, it makes sense I’d feel that way. What a great thinker!

    1. Glad you enjoyed, and Kuppy is frequently a breath of fresh air for me as well … especially off camera. 😉

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