The Money MBA Podcast welcomes Raoul Pal to the show.

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Raoul is the CEO of Real Vision, an on-demand video service often referred to as the “Netflix” of finance and investing.

Raoul shares his coming up story as an entrepreneur which includes his early days as the secret adviser to some of the world’s biggest hedge funds.

Raoul might also be the original “Travel Blogger” as you’ll learn more about in this interview.

We discuss his “End Game” article which was once considered the biggest financial article in the history of the internet … and eventually led to the genesis of Real Vision.

What makes this interview unique is that we get to hear the untold story of Raoul’s journey as an entrepreneur.

There is plenty of great investment takeaway’s, but if you want to hear what it’s like to launch a multi-million dollar business with ZERO industry experience, then buckle-up, because Raoul’s journey gets a little bumpy and is something every entrepreneur needs to hear.

Raoul Pal is very active on twitter where he shares his thoughts and ideas on markets under the avatar @RaoulGMI.

The audio only version can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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Originally recorded July 3, 2019


Guest Name:
Raoul Pal

Professional Experience:
Global Macro Investor

Real Vision TV

Social Media:
Twitter: @RaoulGMI


Host Name:
Jon Kutsmeda

Professional Experience:
Best Mortgage Rate

No Cost VA Loans

Airbnb Financing

Money MBA Podcast

Social Media:
Twitter: @JonKutsmeda

Instragram: @JonKutsmeda

Facebook: @JonKutsmeda

YouTube: @JonKutsmeda


  • 2:15 – Who is Raoul Pal
  • 3:27 – How Raoul got started in finance and investing
  • 5:02 – Box of rejection letters
  • 7:49 – 30-year detour to becoming an entrepreneur; Treat everything like an entrepreneur
  • 10:21 – The “James Bond” mystery persona and life as the original travel blogger
  • 12:13 – “The End Game”
  • 13:53 – The genesis of Real Vision TV.
  • 15:06 – Twitter and Fin-twit. “The way to crowdsource intelligence”.
  • 20:03 – Guru’s don’t exist … and there are no shortcuts.
  • 20:38 – An idea is born, how Real Vision started.
  • 25:23 – Flushing $1 million down the drain
  • 26:51 – The “F this” moments
  • 29:35 – The reality versus perception of being an entrepreneur
  • 33:03 – Trying to keep everyone happy as an entrepreneur (and at Real Vision)
  • 35:53 – Real Vision ethos
  • 37:33 – Do you really own anything? The truth about the financial system
  • 40:29 – Monetary policy has failed; Preparing for the end game
  • 42:50 – The Parallel Financial Universe
  • 47:26 – “Plan B” model for valuing Bitcoin
  • 48:53 – Bitcoin or Gold in the event of an “End Game” scenario
  • 49:20 – Raoul’s favorite Real Vision interviews
  • 53:17 – The degrees of separation
  • 55:18 – What’s next for Raoul and Real Vision
  • 58:25 – What makes Real Vision extraordinary
  • 59:51 – More advice for entrepreneurs
  • 1:04:10 – How to contact Raoul and get access to Real Vision
  • 1:05:39 – Anchoring and the insane value proposition of Real Vision
  • 1:06:29 – Jon and Raoul’s plea to everyone – No one has an excuse to play ignorant

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