The Money MBA Podcast welcomes Joseph Walker to the show.

This is Part 1, of a 3 part interview. 

Visit for access to a video recording of the interview and detailed show notes.

Joe is an Australian truth seeker in the world of finance and economics. He’s also the host of the “Jolly Swagman Podcast“.

His widely popular show is a favorite among the finance community, and it’s easy to see why.

When it comes to his podcast, very few put in the work he does preparing for his guests.

I was inspired to do the same for this interview, and listened on repeat to his 7-episode series entitled “Housing Bubble Week”.

Joe reveals the series has led to even greater intellectual discoveries, what he considers might eventually become his “Magnum Opus”. 

Until that arrives we at least get to enjoy the impressive body of work that is “Housing Bubble Week”.

During his series Joe was a spectacular host, but as a host you don’t get much of an opportunity to insert your thoughts; at least not to their true depth.

Therefore, I wanted to give Joe a platform to share his insights on the topic of housing bubbles, in particular Australia’s housing bubble, and get is key takeaways from each of his interviews.

Joe did not disappoint. Wow, what a brain.

You will definitely want (or need) to listen to these interviews a few times (I already have) as Joe has the acumen to go deep into the trenches of any topic in what seems like a single breath, even though it is the listener who is left breathless.

In addition to enjoying my 3-part interview with Joe, be sure to also check out his “Jolly Swagman Podcast” and the “Housing Bubble Week” series.

There are many other fantastic interviews available on his show, but this time Joe gets to be on the other side of the microphone as our guest for the “Money MBA Podcast”.

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Originally recorded July 4, 2019


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