The Money MBA Podcast welcomes Otavio “Tavi” Costa of Crescat Capital to the show.

This is Part 2, of a 2 part interview.

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Originally recorded Aug 24, 2019


Guest Name:
Otavio “Tavi” Costa

Professional Experience:
Crescat Capital

Social Media:
Twitter: @TaviCosta


Host Name:
Jon Kutsmeda

Professional Experience:
Best Mortgage Rate .com

Jon Kutsmeda .com

Airbnb Financing .com

Money MBA Podcast

Social Media:
Twitter: @JonKutsmeda

Instragram: @JonKutsmeda

Facebook: @JonKutsmeda

YouTube: @JonKutsmeda


  • 1:27 – Recessions are lagging indicators
  • 3:30 – Gold and the US Dollar rising together

  • 8:02 – How to play the new gold bull market

  • 11:30 – Timing Recessions

  • 18:28 – Tavi’s “unconventional” approach

  • 22:00 – Should you take possession of physical gold

  • 27:03 – Crypto Currencies

  • 33:24 – Opportunities in Emerging Markets

  • 40:08 – When is it time to dump the U.S. Dollar

  • 46:05 – Debt levels, junk bonds, and market tops

  • 53:56 – The trade of the century and how the average investor can play it.

  • 55:34 – How to connect with Tavi           

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